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Subtitle is where wineries and new wine club members meet each other. There is no other wine club marketplace online like the wine club directory we've built. Easily find a wine club just focused on Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir or Muscat. Whatever type of wine club you want, it exists and is waiting for you at

Welcome to Wine Clubs Inc. where we provide ratings and reviews of the best wine clubs online. It all stared for us back in 2002 when my husband and I visited our first wineries in Napa Valley and then Sonoma Valley. We loved sampling all the great wines those wineries had to offer and we were instantly hooked! And who wouldn't be? Once you are actually at a winery on a nice sunny day drinking amazing wine, you realize how great wine is. 

But once you leave the wineries and the California wine country behind, you not only realize how much you miss it, but you want to have that experience again and again. In that way, wine tasting and visiting wineries is addicting. And what a wonderful addiction it is too :-)

When we returned from our visit up to Northern California, we were saddened to see that there were no online wine club marketplaces and decided right there and then to create the 1st one ever! It was an ambitious goal, but we knew with proper funding for our wine club business that we'd be able to get there. So we immediately got on DealRoom and WeFunder and secured our 1st round of seed capital. The rest is history!

Since then, we've made connections with wineries around the world and brought them all into our online platform. And as an added benefit to you, we even required them to provide AMAZING introductory offers like this one from Laithwaites Wine and this one from the Virgin Wine Club. Not only do you get 12 amazing bottles of award-winning wine for JUST $69.99, but you also get some great free gifts like a professional bottle opener or high-end wine glasses all for FREE. Only has that kind of power in our industry!

If you would like for your winery to be LEED compliant, please be sure to learn more about our green winery initiative.